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TnL Co Ltd started its operation in1996 with 100% Vietnamese capital. The steady growth over the years has led to a strong customer base with some of the biggest names in the world market. TnL Co Ltd is currently exporting all its products, Furniture, Ceramics and Handicrafts. We are keen on our production facility in Vietnam as we are confident with the development of the country and its workforce. Vietnam was accepted into the WTO on November 7, 2006. Vietnam's chief trading partners include Japan, Australia, ASEAN countries, the U.S. and Western European nations.

TnL Co Ltd corporate long term goals are to invest in:

Our future markets by developing relations with existing distributors and buyers. Also seek relations in ‘new’ markets such as Spain, The Scandinavian Countries and South America.

Other areas of growth are in the design, product development and ready for display solutions. The new concept of ‘online sales’ is also available with TnL Co Ltd through an extensive catalogue open to any qualified smaller buyer on our website.