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TnL Co Ltd 's People

Finance and Development Director: Ms. Tran Bich Thu

She is one of the founders of TnL Co Ltd and grew the company from the start in 1996 to what it is today, a strong company with a firm quality commitment and loyal clientele. Ms Thu is a Vietnamese National married with 2 children                  Mobile number 84(0)903-826931

Overall personnel in TnL Co Ltd

Executive Board of Directors                   3
None Executive Expatriate Director        1
Expatriates Managers in Factory            2
Key Managers                                            6
Inline Managers                                         3
Staff white collar                                       19
In house Auditor                                          1
Designer Team "Tnl Colors"                    5
Staff blue collar average                       150
Seasonal blue collar                                60 (October-April)