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  • Furniture Distributors wanted in Europe! - 10-03-2008
    Our production capacity has increased for the 2008-2009 season and we seek urgently new representation in the European markets: Especially in Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe but also in Greece and Turkey!

    We have immediate availability for new customers besides TnL Co Ltd Furniture offers extensive Sales & Marketing support such as market specific designs, excellent quality control and ordering from stock for quick shipments.

    Contact: TnL’s Merchandiser Manager Ms. Duong
    TnL Co Ltd Vietnam, 3b Ton Duc Thang Street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City, SR Vietnam Phone +848-9103233 Fax +8489103132 [...]

  • Good news for Furniture Business in Vietnam - 19-06-2007
    With a wood product export value of US$1.98 billion in 2006, Viet Nam became the second biggest woodwork exporter among ASEAN countries, after Malaysia.
    This year, the domestic wood processing industry is expected to continue to keep its position of being one of the country’s 10 major export earners with an export value estimated at $2.5 billion. This figure was calculated based on the export turnover of $1 billion the industry achieved in the first five months of the year.
    The country had 2,000 enterprises and individual households involved in processing wood, employing 170,000 people. Of the figure, about 300 businesses participated in the production and export of wood products. Vietnamese wood products have been exported to 120 countries and territories around the world, of which there are three major markets including the US ($744 million), the EU ($500 million) and Japan ($286 million) in 2006.
    (Source: VN News)
  • Company Profile now available in 5 languages - 31-05-2007
    You can now download the Spanish, French, English, Dutch, German version as PDF files.
  • Introducing the new Sales & Marketing Team - 23-09-2008

    Beginning of September 2008 we reorganized our Sales & Marketing Department in order to serve our markets in the different regions even better.

    For UK, France & Benelux:  Mrs. Caroline Schubert.
    Caroline is a French national. She joined TNL in 2007 as design and marketing assistant. Now she’s back after her maternity break and will support the team thanks to her marketing and international sales background for those regions. Caroline has been living in Vietnam for 2 years.
    Email: or

    For Northern & Eastern Europe, North America and Australia:  Mrs. Katja Moir

    Katja is a German national but has been living in Asia for over 10 years with Thailand being the longest posting. She has extensive international sales background in front and back office and will be responsible for product and market development for those markets. Katja arrived in Vietnam last year and is married with two children.
    Email: or

    For Italy and our Furniture clients:  Mrs. Nguyen Le Bach Duong
    Duong is a Vietnamese national and has been working for TNL for more than 7 years. She has an excellent knowledge of Handicrafts and Furniture as well as Sales and Merchandising. She has been leading the Merchandising Team over the past months. Now she will be responsible for the development of the Furniture market and the general organization of the Sales and Merchandising Department.
    Email: or

    For Spain and South America:  Mrs. Tran Thi Uyen Chi
    Ms. Chi - who has just married a few months ago - is a Vietnamese national and joined TNL early this year. As Ms.Chi studied Spanish in Argentina in 2 years, so she is the one who is in charge of Spain and South American market where she can communicate Spanish directly with the customers.
    Email: or

    TNL Co., Ltd has opened its new showroom next to its Binh Duong Factory! Come and experience the diversity of the TNL Range!

    On about 600 m2 air-conditioned Exhibition space, the TNL Indoor Collection including Ceramic planters, Vases, Zinc & Fiberglass planters and Lacquer ware can be discovered, together with the Furniture collection, on the 1st floor on also 600 m2 surface (Pine and Acacia wood collections, Painted designs, waxed finishes….)

    The Outdoor collection, from Glazed ceramic planters to Terracotta and Terrazzo planters, Garden ornamentation and Sculptures spread over 1200 m2 open air green area.

    A Photo studio to make professional pictures of the collections is also in daily use (120 m2) at TNL Co. Ltd.

    TNL Meeting room, next to the showroom can welcome in a cool atmosphere up to 20 seated visitors.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department if you would like to visit our showroom and experience the great range of TNL products!

    Per Email:
    or contact directly our Merchandiser Manager Ms. Duong
    or give us a call! Tel. TNL Main office in HCMC: +84 8-910 3233 [...]
  • High Point, GA USA Distributor Wanted! - 20-09-2007
    TnL Co Ltd will be visiting the high point furniture fair in Georgia, USA this year on the 30th of September, 1st and 2nd of October. We still have availability in our schedule to meet with you. Please contact the Merchandiser Manager Ms. Duong  for an appointment. [...]
  • Planning your buying or sourcing trip to Vietnam in 2008: official holidays - 05-09-2007
    When planning a buying or sourcing trip to TnL Co Ltd in 2008 please keep in mind the official schedule of holidays for 2008. For your contact information: our normal working hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00 with Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00 In urgent cases outside these hours please contact your merchandiser on their mobile phones. Ho Chi Minh City is located in  GMT +7 time zone.

    For more information please contact us at:

    Official Holidays in 2008

    - New Year's Day : 1 Jan., 08
    - Lunar New Year's Day (TET):6 Feb.,08-9 Feb.,08
    - Hung King's anniversary: 15 Apr., 08
    - The Liberation of South VN:30 Apr., 08
    - International Labour Day: 1 May. ,08
    - National Day of the Socialist Republic of VN: 2 Sep., 08  [...]
  • Introducing the TnL Co Ltd Designer Team - 14-08-2007

    TnL Co Ltd develops Brand Label products and collections for large volume users. Our focus is trade and high-volume retail groups.

    At TnL Co Ltd we understand the different markets and trends like no other. We have very close, long-standing relationships with buyers throughout the world. Our travels take us to them and trade fairs to work on new ideas and innovations. The International designer team develops new concepts for all product groups and packaging for each season.

    If you can make purchases in full 40’ container quantities on regular bases, are working at least 6 months ahead of the required production date and need the very best factory direct pricing, please contact the Sales Director Ms. Tran Bich Thu to discuss the possibilities. [...]
  • TnL 2007 Outing Summer Weekend in Phan Thiet! - 20-07-2007
    TnL staff could enjoy its annual summer Fun Days on 13th-14th July at Phan Thiet Beach.
    For this occasion, many contests have been organized as Karaoke, Beach Volley Ball and recreation activities. The winners of the contests have been awarded attractive prices by a cordial and relaxed ceremony.
    Everyone could enjoy the Sun, the Sea and the Swimming during this wonderful weekend that was able to bring again the energy needed for the coming season 2008 at TnL Co. Ltd.

    Ready to do good business and offer good quality service to its worldwide customers! [...]
    This is the newest big planter that TnL Co. Ltd just created.
    With its size and shape, it can transform any green place into a modern attractive place.
    Though it looks like a Giant, it is not as heavy as you could think! It weights only 23 kg!
    It is made out of Poly Fiber Glass which enables to achieve big sizes by keeping a very reasonable weight.
    With a height of 105 cm, for a diameter of 89 cm, it can be really considered as “TnL’s Giant”! [...]
  • TNL Furniture Collection - 11-11-2008
    Welcome to TnL furniture, the home of quality wooden bedroom, dining, kitchen and living room furniture. We hope you enjoy our range of oak and pine wooden tables, sideboards, beds and cabinets. Have a good browse, feel free to call us with any questions and don’t forget to order your full-color brochure!
    If you’re after great wooden furniture, be it oak dinning tables, oak cabinets,  dressing table or a bookshelf and you want something timeless and enduring, then look no further than this. Wooden tables and cabinets are our passion, enjoy!

    Quality starts with the thoughtful design of a product. We pick the best quality wood, veneer and oils. All our tops are color-matched, as are the drawer fronts which give a uniform, solid look.
    Finally, the piece is hand waxed or stained to give an exceptionally smooth feel and warm color. Our craftsmen have been trained to produce the very highest standards set by our customers.

    Last, but not least, we take care of the environment.
    All our furniture is made out of imported sustainable pine and oak woodlands. We import our Pine wood from New-Zealand and
    our White Oak from the USA.

    Please have a look at our brand new launch of TnL’s furniture Collections.

    1.    Cottage Collection: A Country style collection for the dining or kitchen area, enhanced through top quality White Oak wood, and a nice eggshell color with natural waxed tops.

    2.    Fjord Collection:  TnL’s  Contemporary modern style freestanding dining collection in solid White Oak wood.

    3.    Filligrane Collection:  A nice and fine Bedroom collection made out of quality solid Pine wood with beautiful hand-carvings.

    4.    Cucina Collection: A very traditional Italian Country style kitchen / dining collection made out of solid pine wood with a nice honey color stain.

    5.    Kiddy Collection: Tnl’s most colorful and geometric shaped collection for children bedrooms.
  • 2008 Fair visits - 03-12-2007
    2008 will be an exciting year for TnL Co Ltd Vietnam as we plan to travel to a number of the best known fairs to meet our business partners. On the list are the IMM Cologne Germany (14-20 of January), The Las Vegas show USA (28-29 of January) Melbourne Australia (July), Glee Birmingham UK (October) and many others. If you like to meet us for an introduction of our company and the products lines we sell please let us know:
  • USA Furniture market - 03-12-2007
     With are increased production capacity TnL Co Ltd Vietnam is hopeful to engage soon with an established distributor for the USA. Our designs are all modified to US standards in terms of size and designs. A number of new collections are under development with the help of US based furniture designers. At TnL Co Ltd we work with solid pine, MDF and Acacia wood but are able to accommodate to your specific request too. Interested to talk to us? Please email the Merchandiser Manager  Ms. Bach Duong [...]
  • Photo Studio - 03-12-2007
    Providing top quality photography is one of the goals for TnL Co Ltd Vietnam. The purpose build photo studio is now fully operational. We have the ability to shoot our entire product line in “décor” or on preferred background settings such as white/black.

    Ongoing now are the “décor” photography of the furniture collections for 2008-2009 if you require any specific photography for your catalogues make your enquiries at
  • Visitors from all over the world - 14-11-2007
     Professional Buyers and Sourcing agents who visit TnL Co Ltd Vietnam are received in the new showroom at the Binh Duong factory. This year we have seen a number of new emerging countries on the rise, Eastern European countries but also the first visit buyer from Pakistan a country that has opened its border for foreign investments. If you are planning a sourcing or buying trip to Vietnam please let us know how we can accommodate in your needs. Contact the Merchandiser Manager Ms. Duong [...]
  • Furniture Production New factory at Binh Duong - 06-11-2007
    A major investment was done in brand new woodworking equipment, infrastructure, modification of old constructions and new buildings for the Furniture production of TnL Co Ltd Vietnam. As a 100% Vietnamese owned company we are very proud to have this beautiful new production facility up and running at the Binh Duong Site. Further investments at the Binh Duong site are planned for 2008-2009. For information you can always contact our general email:

  • Pre Production Ceramics on Wheel - 06-11-2007
    TnL Co Ltd is known for creating constant fresh designs in ceramics. To help develop pre-production models that are easy to modify to our client exact wishes our in house potters works traditionally on the wheel. The history of the pottery on wheel is not well know but dates back at least 4000 years. Whilst working on the wheel looks easy, it takes years of training to become skilful enough to create just consistent basic shapes. If you are interested in unique product development please contact the Sales Director Ms. Tran Bich Thu and  Merchandiser Manager Ms. Duong