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Nature Weaving

The use of the materials, colour and combinations options are endless. We offer at TnL Co Ltd Bamboo, Water Hyacinth, Banana leaf and Rattan. Besides the Natural Weaving a number of artificial materials in weaving are available. Materials such as these bring warmth to the home and are very low on maintenance. The skilful workers produce baskets, trays, trunks, placemats, coasters, small and larger pieces of furniture endless possibilities! Make your enquiries!

In wicker & rattan
Wicker/Rattan is a tropical product. The canes are standard in diameter. Quality mat weaving requires skill and experience. Strong mat canes should be chosen for weaving, the ends of the cane are hidden skillfully.

Wicker garden products care
Made of tropical plants and fibers such as rattan, banana fiber, banana peel, seagrass and sea moss are designed for use in sheltered areas.
If a color finish is applied to the wicker, extended exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
Keep natural wicker indoors, in a dry place until summer.
To prevent fading, position your away from windows and protect it from direct exposure to sunlight.
It is not recommended to use wicker (core rattan) in winter or in humid environments.
These products are natural products and they need to be protected from exposure to excessive water, in excessively humid interiors may cause mold to develop. Clean them using brush or cloth.
Wicker/rattan is susceptible to worm infestation. Prevention by multiple application of insecticide systems is considered adequate. Even though the rattan-mat production is based on handcraftsmanship, a multi-stage control system and an efficient production system are necessary to avoid the change of infestation.


While rattan products are elegant and comfortable; they are not suitable for 100% outdoor use.  There is now a rattan-imitation plastic suitable for outdoor use. Crafted of weatherproof, man-made fibers that withstand all climates and temperatures, each piece is woven over a frame or pot. The lightweight synthetic wicker offers ease of use in the garden, by the pool, by the sea, in fact, virtually anywhere.