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Indoor Furniture

The current range of indoor furniture from TnL Co Ltd is all made from Pine wood and MDF but we have various new materials and developments ongoing for 2007. Our current buyers are in Italy and Ireland but distribute over a much larger area. The ranges we produce fit very well in Mediterranean styled homes in (sub) tropical climate. It is one of the areas where we seek expansion and look actively for enthusiastic distributors in Spain and France.

Being successful in Indoor Furniture means understanding and accepting the nature of the materials used and hands on production processes. Pinewood, MDF, Joints and Paint

Pine wood is Anisotropic: the material properties are different along different dimensions. Wood expands and contract in different humidity along the gain the expansion is minimal and it has greater strength but across it is considerable, unequal and holds less strength

MDF Panels float as the difference in the rate of expansion along and across would rip it apart if it was fixed. The panels are free to expand while still supporting the structure

commonly used:

Finger joint or Box combing are evenly spaced and designed for maximum strength

Groove & Tongue The slot (the groove) cut all along one edge and a thin, deep ridge (the tongue) on the opposite edge. The tongue projects a little less than the groove is deep. Two or more pieces thus fit together closely. These joints are fixed as expansion or contraction   would cause gaps. The tongue and groove are cut to allow minimal visual interference for topside of the panel

Painted finished surface groove panels have standard factory painted groove to harmonize with standard panel surface. A smooth and equal finish is applied on all visual parts of the furniture.