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Ceramic Planter

In the TnL Co Ltd Kiln we produce a number of very special handmade glazed pots for outdoor use. The process from the clay mixing, water, design, moulding, forming, drying, glazing, kiln burning and final selection, packing and shipping is all under one roof with us. We will be happy to show you when you visit us. Outdoor is an important part of our business but we supply the smaller machined indoor pottery as well.
For Landscaping and Municipal use we have a series of unique large size hand formed pots in glazed and other finishes.

Ceramics Tolerances

Being successful in Ceramics means understanding and accepting the nature of the materials used and hands on production processes. We encourage you to visit our factories at any time to learn more about this unique production process that has been passed on from generation to generation.
A description of the production tolerances within which we work on :

- Weight: <5%
- Size: Height/Diameter Length and width <5%
- Shape: Small deformations such as dent <3% of the surface
- Color: Sorting of color on pallet will be done