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Terracotta Planter

Terracotta From TnL Co Ltd

Terracotta is produced worldwide: translated from Italian as "baked earth" it is a waterproof ceramic.  Significant uses of terra cotta have included Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Terracotta Army of China, built in 210-209 BC. Mass producers of mold-cast and fired terracotta figurines were also the ancient Greeks
What attracts is the warmth of Terracotta!


Terracotta benefit from maintenance washes to prevent dirt deposits and mould building up on their surfaces. The least harmful method is to spray with hot water before gently scrubbing the surfaces with hot water and neutral pH soap. Scrub with a compact bristle headed brush or a plastic pot scourer. Abrasive powders and powder-based detergents should not be used. Outside Pots should not be treated with wax products. It may be protected with oleo water-repellent products suitable for outdoors, which doesn't change the appearance and the physics-chemical properties.