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How it works for TnL Co Ltd?

In 2005 and 2006 the direction our buyers were going has changed with new and improved buying processes. The price/quality balance as the consumer demands is what mainly determines the products we manufacture.

At TnL co Ltd we found in the last few years a trend that the bigger buyers needed more attention and higher qualified support from our people in the back office. The smaller and medium size buyers did not get the attention they deserved, they are as important to us as the market leaders. It is from here we find the potential larger buyers in the years to come. With the new on line catalogue we at TnL Co Ltd believe we have found a good solution to service, retain and work with them. At the same time offer a better selection of products to a wider range of buyers.

We encourage anybody visiting the website to comment on your findings about us.

Our online catalogue is open for ordering now!