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TnL Packing Methods

All packing and loading is carried out by our in- house packing and loading team.

TnL Packing methods:

1) Basic:
Carton 3 ply, Reinforced corners taped on & Foil

2) Standard:
White foam, Carton 2 or 3 ply, reinforced corners taped on, outside box Tnl Branded

3) Upgraded 1*:
White foam, Carton 2 or 3 ply, Reinforced corners taped on, Styrofoam box Lining, outside box

4) Upgraded 2*:

As upgraded 2 plus Foil wrapped for waterproofing

- Complies with most of the commonly used "drop test" and "impact test"
- In each container we supply a touch up kit & spare parts.
- Loading is usually done in 1 x 40" High Cube containers which allows for full capacity loading.
Packing standard for Ceramics


Carton: Inside used carton is placed "snug" i.e. no movement inside. Outside new carton is cut on size and strapped. All corner protected for all square or rectangular shapes

            "Soft edge" high strength straps
       A thick double plastic wrapping for water resistance i.e. shrink wrapped


Custom sizes, Certified treated wood, Kiln dried and under roof storage of stock for all our pallets

Double pallets, extra layers or extra outside protection is all available

Direct Container (maximum capacity use) is another option, however typically the breakages with this type of loading is higher.